6 Great Reasons A Smarter Car Is Vital For A Luxurious Journey


6 Great Reasons A Smarter Car Is Vital For A Luxurious Journey

There are many things to relish in life – salted caramel brownies, a glass or two of bubbles with friends or the next episode of Love Island. But long car journeys? Nah, not really. The excruciating combination of extreme boredom, physical discomfort and “are we there yet?’ moans can not be easily alleviated when your in-car comforts consist of a cup holder and over-jovial local radio presenters.

That’s where a smarter car - the new Range Rover Evoque to be precise, designed by you from a suite of options – can transform driving-dread to driving-joy, whatever the distance.

Comfortable just got technical

No more knob twiddling and seat bouncing as you try to find the ultimate comfortable position. The new Range Rover Evoque’s Smart Settings* technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn each driver’s habits and preferences over time for the ultimate personalised welcome.

The ‘self-learning’ technology recognises you from your key fob and smartphone and will set up your seat and steering column position on approach, allowing for up to eight profiles to be registered. After a few journeys, the Evoque remembers your preferred temperature settings, music and news preferences and commonly dialed numbers, depending on the time or day of the week making finding your comfort zone a breeze.

And of course the leather steering wheel and heated front seats add a touch of luxury to every journey you make.

Prep your car easily before setting off

The InControl Remote* smartphone application allows you to keep tabs on your Evoque, wherever you are. Your can use your phone to find your car, check the remaining fuel range, lock and unlock the vehicle remotely (genius - no more squabbles over the cars keys), as well as pre-heat or cool the inside to your preferred temperature†. It can even warm your seat up before you get in. Less stress before you set off? Yes please!

No more feeling woozy and worn out at the end of a journey

The Evoque is fitted with cabin air ionization technology* that helps to remove impurities from the environment. When paired with air quality and pollen filters, plus a more peaceful cabin thanks to reduced road noise levels, you’ll arrive feeling calm and serene.

Credit: Land Rover

Wave goodbye to spatial awareness angst

The Evoque is packed with seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art, smart technologies to make life behind the wheel a whole lot more enjoyable, especially if you’re a ‘challenged’ parker or persistent kerb thumper. Land Rover have dubbed the Evoque the ‘all-seeing SUV’. Here’s why.

The Front and Rear Parking Aid, which also comes as standard, makes fitting into tight spots even easier. Sensors located in the front and rear bumpers are activated manually, or when reverse is selected. As you park, the Touchscreen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles.

The optional Park Park* makes parallel and perpendicular parking easier by steering the vehicle into, and out of, the space. Graphics and notifications guide you through the manoeuvre. And for complete confidence when negotiating that dreaded storey carpark, 360° Parking Aid sensors on the rear, front, and sides provide real-time audible and visual feedback to indicate how close you are to obstacles.

Optional but ever so innovative, ClearSight* rear view mirror provides a clear line of sight, giving you extra drive confidence if you’ve got a head bobbing carload or bulky belongings while ‘ClearSight Ground View*’ technology effectively makes the bonnet “invisible” and shows the ground under the front of the car. This helps avoid scraping high kerbs or bumping the parking bay wall. Boggy gateways and potholed lanes - this being a Range Rover after all - are no match for the Evoque.

Credit: Land Rover

Drive with confidence

The Evoque handles brilliantly in all conditions, from unfamiliar city streets to rain-lashed motorways. The Ingenium engines have been advanced with new technologies to make them quieter and more refined, while the nine-speed automatic gearbox has been recalibrated to ensure a smoother drive on all surfaces. Terrain Response 2 – technology first found in full-size Range Rovers – automatically detects the surface being driven on and adjusts the set-up accordingly (available in automatic transmission option only).

If you choose Connect Pro*, you’ll also receive live traffic updates and the latest reports on potentially dangerous road and weather conditions, upcoming collisions or diversions, all sent straight to your infotainment system.

Tech at a touch – and no squabbling over the USB slots

As well as comfort, the Evoque delivers on total connectivity so you’ll never again feel you’re stuck in a digital black spot when travelling. The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system* combines two sleek 10-inch high-definition glass touchscreens, a 12.3-inch driver display* behind the steering wheel and full-colour display. The result is a beautiful, ‘hidden until lit’ interior filled with state-of-the-art digital interfaces, which are easier and more intuitive for you to operate.

For a supremely enjoyable drive, voice control is definitely the way forward. With Intelligent Voice Recognition as standard in the Range Rover Evoque, you can make a phone call or change the radio without taking your eyes off the road.

Bluetooth®‡ phone connectivity allows you to link and control your smartphone via InControl Touch Pro either for phone calls or music playback: simple, easy and wire-free.

There’s smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay*§ and Android Auto*, as well as Click & Go* rear-seat tablet holders with charging capability, 4G WiFi hotspot* (for up to eight devices) and six USB slots located throughout the cabin to delight even the biggest, most digitally-obsessed carload. And if that doesn’t keep everyone quiet, the Evoque’s six speakers definitely will.

The new Range Rover Evoque features world-first features, cutting-edge technology and the latest artificial intelligence to make Evoque more digital and connected than ever before.

For more info visit landrover.co.uk

* Optional feature, contact your local authorised retailer for details

† Remote Climate Control use subject to local Regulations.

‡ The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Land Rover is under licence.

§ Apple CarPlay is a Trademark of Apple Inc.

Main image credit: Land Rover

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