How VR Can Make Your Life A Whole Lot More Luxurious


How VR Can Make Your Life A Whole Lot More Luxurious

For anyone not up to speed, virtual reality (VR) technology typically involves the use of a VR headset, which allows for the user to be immersed in a digital world. Images, sounds and other physical sensations align to create the illusion of physically presence, often with the ability for the user to move around and interact with the scene.

Already a huge hit in the gaming and business worlds, luxury brands are now set on offering innovative virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for customers. Top fashion houses like Christian Dior and Tommy Hilfiger use VR to showcase their brands, designers are pushing the boundaries like never before as seen in this catwalk featuring invisible models, and of course, your front-row seat at all the latest fashion shows.

VR allows you to take a test drive in the latest Lexus, go on a virtual hike while trying on your outdoor gear at North Face, or enjoy next level in-flight VR entertainment, see how an IKEA kitchen or furniture might fit in your home, or investigate products from every angle through Amazon’s VR Kiosks.

From now on, you can use one of the top luxury headsets – choose from HTC Vive, Oculus, Sony Playstation VR, Samsung HMD Odyssey or Google Daydream View – to browse through collections, look around your holiday destination or dream home, or attend the most prestigious event in town. You can even have the no-expense spared virtual honeymoon in Hawaii!

With VR, the world is your stage, only on this stage there are no Earthly limits to how far you can go. Strap your headset on; an out-of-this world of luxury awaits you...


Traditional way: Visit the High Street or log on to your online retailer.

VR Luxury: Make-up company NARS has created a 360-degree video where customers are walked through the different steps in applying their make-up. You can also virtually try out their range to see what shade suits you best.

See also: Facebook’s augmented reality ads that allow you to ‘try on’ Michael Kors sunglasses, or ‘sit on’ a piece of furniture from Pottery Barn.

Whatever next? Artificial intelligence will act as your virtual personal shopper. You’ll already be familiar with chatbots, used by the likes of top brands like

Estée Lauder and H&M to answer queries, perform stock checks and advise according to needs. Here’s how VR will bring chatbots to life.


Traditional way: Try to find a good deal through an online travel agency.

VR luxury: Luxury travel services such as Kuoni and British Airways have embraced VR as the upmarket way to give potential customer a virtual feel of what to expect. And you can see why. Over five million people have viewed Qantas taking us on a virtual trip across Hamilton Island.

See also: The VR Hotel Tours that allow you a 360° view of the lavish surroundings, as seen in this breath-taking example created by the Atlantis Dubai, while others, such as the Jumeirah, allow clients to use the virtual bookings interface to make the process more interactive.

Whatever next: Many predict VR holidays to replace actual holidays. We doubt that, but if it looks and feels like we’re actually there, what’s not to try out?


Traditional way: Visit a gallery. See paintings.

VR Luxury: Imagine a gallery without physical boundaries, where artwork is without the constraints of real-world space and time. VR-All-Art offers precisely that, enabling you to explore classics and modern artists from all around the world, any time, and from anywhere.

See also: Auction house Southeby’s 360° virtual reality exhibit of surrealist paintings.

Whatever next? Put yourself in the picture and become a part of the art itself. No more alarmed barriers between you and the exhibit – here you’re actively encouraged to touch the painting. Get a glimpse of how artist and viewer will be able to see eye to third-eye in an augmented dimension here.


Traditional way: You order a drink. The bartender tells you what makes it great.

VR Luxury: Order a whisky-infused Origin cocktail at the Lobby Bar in One Aldwych, and you’ll be handed a VR headset that transports you to the Scottish Highlands. You fly to the distillery where the whisky is aged, then over the fields of barley and the water source, then drift back into the Lobby Bar where you remove your goggles to find your drink ready and waiting for you.

See also: Virgin Atlantic’s Immersive Digital 360 Drinks Experience, which takes you on a flying tour around the best cocktail bars in the world.

Whatever next? Scientists have already invented the vocktail, which literally turns water to wine by digitally simulating multisensory flavour experiences using an app. A string of Virtual Reality bars is also poised to pop up in the near future. If you plan to visit the States any time soon, pop in to the Revery VR Bar to see what they’re all about.

Main image credit: Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

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