Luxe Car Fragrances Are A Thing, And We're Into It


Luxe Car Fragrances Are A Thing, And We're Into It

We’ve all been there: you jump into the back of your Halo/Uber/Addison Lee and you nearly choke of the scent coming from the Little Tree hanging from the rear view mirror. Now, don’t get us wrong, the humble air freshener is doing noble work hiding a multitude of smelly sins but, my goodness, they have counter-intatively become synonymous with not-so-fresh air.

Let’s face it, cars can be smelly. Being enclosed in sealed spaces, they hold on to every last scent particle of last night’s takeaway, the black bag tip run or muddy wet dog. And it’s not like you can leave them out on the street to air with the doors and windows open. Car atmospheres need a little help.

In the same way that Febreze et al spotted a gap in the market for a more refined tree-free car freshener, luxury fragrance house and chandlers-to-the-stars Diptyque, and specialist in-car perfumier Charabanc have taken it to the next level. They’ve decided that what we really, really need is for our car to smell as gorgeous as our home.

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Diptyque are famous not only for their fine, aspirational fragrances, but for their beautiful scented candles, beloved of rock royalty and real royals. Their 49 glorious scents, including sandalwood and tuberose, lily, jasmin, leather and violet, perfume discerning homes from Inverness to St Ives.

You slip Diptyque’s in-car fragrances into a stylish little clip-on diffuser reminiscent of a 1920s sunburst radio. You can choose from seven of their most iconic scents: Baies, Amber, Fig Tree, Rose, Orange Blossom, Ginger and 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. There’s even a clever little switch on the top of the diffuser to adjust the intensity of the fragrance.

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Charabanc’s specialism is in-car ‘fragrance journeys’. It offers a spoked-wheel-inspired metal pomander, handmade and manufactured in Britain, that you can either hang from your rear-view mirror on a leather lanyard, or secure to an a/c vent with a magnetised clip. A fine grain leather lid in a choice of London Tan, Racing Green or Orient Black preserves the scent when you’re not using it. The fragrance journeys that you put in the pomander are delivered via scented ceramic pastilles, hand-crafted using a wet press by the third generation at the helm of a ceramics factory in Valencia.

Each of Charabanc’s five fragrance journeys aims to capture the olfactory essence of an iconic global road trip. Take their Golden Road to Samarqand, described thus:

“Further East to Uzbekistan we ventured, our tyre tracks tracing chariot trails of Tamburlaine and ancient threads of the Silk Road. In the desert dusk, the hot, musky air became drenched with pink pepper and exotic spices that made one’s senses swoon.”

With a blend of pink pepper, green coffee, cedarwood, vetiver, oud smoke, amber and leather in the scent mix, it’s delectable and imaginative; Uzbekistan in a nutshell.

Your scent journey begins here...

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